Mountain Bike Considerations

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There are some things that you have to consider when you purchase a mtb. You need to learn more about mtb so that you can make the very best decision for you. Acquiring a mtb can be extremely frustrating and can take in quite a bit of your additional time if you are not prepared. […]

DirectX Versions And Runtime ( DirectX 10, 11, 12, DirectX End User Runtime)

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Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application program interfaces designed to handle tasks and functions related to multimedia. Especially for game programming and videos. Direct was the name given to the family of a collection of application program interfaces to run on Microsoft platforms. The initial ones were named DirectDraw, DirectMusic and so on and […]

How To Find Your Router IP Address on Mac OS?

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Ensure your router is connected to your Mac before carrying out this process. Follow the steps mentioned below to find your router’s IP address, Go to Finder >> Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal App. This would open up a Terminal window on your screen. Router IP Address And type in ‘netstat -nr | grep default‘ […]