DirectX Versions And Runtime ( DirectX 10, 11, 12, DirectX End User Runtime)

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application program interfaces designed to handle tasks and functions related to multimedia. Especially for game programming and videos. Direct was the name given to the family of a collection of application program interfaces to run on Microsoft platforms. The initial ones were named DirectDraw, DirectMusic and so on and so forth. Later when Microsoft ventured to develop a gaming console, X was the name given to it to indicate the number of such applications. Thus their gaming console was coined Xbox.

Technically the DirectX software development kit consists of runtime libraries in redistributable binary forms. Fix razer synapse not working It is accompanied by headers used for coding. DirectX was made for the first time commercially available with windows 98. Since then it has been upgraded to accomplish better handling and requirements. The software development kit for Direct is available as a free download and the runtimes are proprietary. For Windows 8 and above it has been integrated as a part of the manufactured product. DirectX 9 and above are only compatible with operating systems like Windows Vista and above because they use windows display driver model that was developed for the Windows Vista. The new WDDM graphics manager that is used in Vista and above operating systems include a new video memory manager.

DirectX Versions And Runtime ( DirectX 10 11, 12, DirectX End-User Runtime)

Sample Image Designed With DirectX

Windows XP requires a DirectX and above version to suit its WDDM graphics manager architecture. The DirectX has a variety of components. Direct 3D is used for drawing 3D images. T is necessary to support programs that are to be used for drawing three-dimensional diagrams. The Direct 2D is used for viewing images and drawing 2D diagrams. DXGI is used for enumerating monitors and adapters and swap management. Direct Write is used for fonts. Direct Compute for graphical processor unit computing. There is also Direct sound 3D for playing 3D sounds. Direct Media for encoding and streaming videos and others.

Various versions of Windows have supported DirectX. It has been made so to ensure that programs and multimedia applications designed for use on previous operating systems are compatible with the subsequent versions too. Application processor interfaces such as the DirectX 3D need to interact with the hardware too. This is attained by the use of a device driver. Hardware manufacturers have to write these drivers for a particular DirectX versions device driver interface. Testing of such hardware’s is also required to make them DirectX compatible devices.

DirectX is a useful and integrated part of the Windows operating systems nowadays. Their compatibility, version and graphical interface architecture finds mention on all compatible hardwares. They also feature prominently in the list of hardware requirements for Windows operating systems. It can be downloaded from here: DirectX