There are many issues, but we are describing two issues here, so you sort out it on your own. It is possible to also talk about your issues employing the Live Chat option.

For Each Router, some steps are common to Connect and use it.

Connect your Router and PC using Ethernet cable. Make sure that there is only one Ethernet connection on the computer with the same IP address.

Also, make sure that all Network drivers are installed and updated.

By altering the default login information, you can make sure nobody can access your home network without your permission. Not simply it promises us with the high-speed web connectivity, but additionally, it ensures that we don’t need to face any hassles while using the item. Your 192.168.o.1 router admin page connection is completely protected now. Disconnect the Ethernet cable if you wish to use the wireless connection on that special computer.

Common Things for All Routers:

IP Address – or

Username: admin/Admin
Password – admin/pass/password
For most of the Routers, it will be username – admin and password – admin.

Verify the router is linked to your computer and that it’s turned on. If you wish to configure the router yourself, then click the radio button near No.


Step 1: Connect your ASUS Router to PC/Laptop with RJ45 Ethernet Cable. Make sure that RJ45 cable is working.

Step 2: Once the connection is done, an open browser on your computer and type Asus Router Default IP Address.

Step 3: It will ask username and password. Enter details.

Step 4: This will open Router Admin page. Now you can change or modify Router Settings by your own.