How To Find Your Router IP Address on Mac OS?

Ensure your router is connected to your Mac before carrying out this process. Follow the steps mentioned below to find your router’s IP address,

Go to Finder >> Applications >> Utilities >> Terminal App. This would open up a Terminal window on your screen.
Router IP Address

And type in ‘netstat -nr | grep default‘
The screen would showcase your gateway address.
Input the same on your web browser and log in to your router successfully.
Besides, you can also check your 192.168.l.254 Router IP address through the regular interface.

Firstly, press the Apple menu given at the top of the screen.
Then select ‘System Preferences‘ and hit the ‘Network‘ icon.
Next, you need to select the proper network connection and click ‘Advanced‘ tab.
After that, once you press ‘TCP/IP‘ tab you’ll be able to see the IP address right on your screen.
How To Find Your Router IP Address on Linux?
By following the simple steps you can find the Router IP address in Linux.

Open the Terminal Window by navigating to Applications >> System Tools >> Terminal.
Next, type in ‘ip route | grep default‘ or ‘ipconfig‘
And you are done!


If the above-mentioned steps do not work as well, or you encounter technical difficulty, contact your service provider to get it fixed. Your router service provider will be the best to reach if all of the above-mentioned steps fail. In most cases, works fine, and you can use it to carry on with your data surfing.